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Minor injuries: reporting obligations

VECCI’s OHS Helpline recently received an interesting question from one of our members. The member’s employees sometimes received very minor injuries during the course of their work day – usually cuts that just required a band-aid. Most of these incidents were not being recorded. The question was: “Could you clarify the point at which we need to record these incidents?”


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VECCI’s response to the Easter Sunday public holiday proposal

Chief Executive Mark Stone:

  • Easter Sunday becoming an additional public holiday in Victoria would result in a greater penalty rate burden on business, at a time when penalty rate relief is desperately needed.



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Catching China’s wine fever on film, and why it matters to your business

The movie Red Obsession began life as a discussion between Andrew Caillard, Master of Wine, and film director Warwick Ross on a flight from Sydney to London.

Something intriguing was happening in Bordeaux. And Andrew had a fascinating story to share.

During the years immediately following the GFC, unlike most other markets, prices for the prestigious Bordeaux wine region were breaking all records. There was a noticeable shift in the global economy of wine.

It was clear that the catalyst for this shift was China.


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