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Energy efficiency program review shows significant savings

An Australian Government report released last month has found that significant financial and environmental benefits are forecast to flow from the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program. For every dollar spent by government (in administering the program and associated regulations) along with consumers (in additional product costs), a return of $4.60 through reduced energy costs  can be expected.


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VECCI’s response to the Easter Sunday public holiday proposal

Chief Executive Mark Stone:

  • Easter Sunday becoming an additional public holiday in Victoria would result in a greater penalty rate burden on business, at a time when penalty rate relief is desperately needed.



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How to promote staff loyalty in a high turnover job market

It’s time to face facts. Around two-thirds of your employees will actively look for another job over the next year. Many of them have been sitting tight, waiting out any possible fallout from the global economic crisis or simply waiting for something better to come along.


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